Fly SATENA from Medellin. You are 2 hours away from the playa at HOTEL COSTA LINDA. Located in the Park National Guacamaya. We will provide free transportation from Tolu Airport to HOTEL COSTA LINDA.


Welcome to the Hotel Costa Linda, winner of the 2016 Traveler Choice award from TripAdvisor.

Hotel Costa Linda is located on the beautiful del Frances-Guacamaya beach, located 6 kilometers North of Tolú. This beach has been the prime location for vacation homes for Colombians for over 50 years. The beach is surronded by the sea on one side and a large mangrove on the other side. The small community here is very friendly and helpful to all. The beach is as safe as any in Colombia. The water here is the temperature of a warm bath. There are no rip or currents, no rocks and no sudden drop offs into deep water. It makes for great swimming and relaxing in the sea.


Our hotel has two types of rooms; Double rooms and Quad rooms, which are equipped with:


Air conditioning


 Satellite TV




Free Internet






We also have:

Free parking








Use credit cards


 Our rooms

Double room

Quadruplex room

Hooney Moon Suite

Transfer Services*

Transfers Tolu-Hotel-Tolu 

*Free on arrival and departure. 
*Applies in times between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

*Cost per trip $20.000

travels with us to the Islands


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