Fly SATENA from Medellin. You are 2 hours away from the playa at HOTEL COSTA LINDA. Located in the Park National Guacamaya. We will provide free transportation from Tolu Airport to HOTEL COSTA LINDA.

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Welcome to Costa Linda Hotel

Hotel Costa Linda is located in a very privileged place in the Morrosquillo Gulf on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. The hotel is located 7 kilometers north of Tolu on Guacamaya beach. A covered bridge across the Guacamaya river limits traffic to cars and pickups. (no buses or trucks) and it is a dead end road. That makes Guacamaya a very quiet and peaceful place mostly residential with vacation homes owned by Colombians who call Guacamaya their second home. The native people who live in Guacamaya are employed by the home owners and they are very kind and helpful.

Guacamaya is surrounded by the Guacamaya river and its mangrove swamps and the wildlife that resides there including many different species of birds including the Mc Caws. The area can be explored with a local guide in homemade wooden boats. Also there are 5 kilometers of unspoiled beach to explore and enjoy!!



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